Creatio CRM (Marketing)



Contact Management, Sales Management, Marketing Automation, Customer Service and Support, Reporting and Analytics, Workflow Automation, Integrations and Data Management, Contact center, Digitalisation & Technology
Contact Management
Customer Profiles, Interaction History
Customer Profiles
Basic Information
Demographic data
Company information
Duplicate management
Duplicate automation
Calculated Properties
Company data enrichment
Interaction History
Notes and comments on customer conversations
Past purchases and transactions
Communication channels
Sales Management
Lead Management, Opportunity Management
Lead Management
Lead generation and qualification
Lead scoring and prioritization
Lead assignment to sales teams
Automatic lead rotation
Opportunity Management
Target Account List
Marketing Automation
Email Marketing, Campaign Management, Social Media Integration
Email Marketing
Creating and managing email campaigns
Automated follow-up emails
Email tracking and analytics
Campaign Management
Target audience segmentation and targeting (ABM)
Planning and executing marketing campaigns
ROI analysis and reporting
Ad conversion management
A/B Testing
Social Media Integration
Social media monitoring and engagement
Content planning and publication
Analysis of social media activities
Brand Monitoring
Social Media Optimization
Content Trend Scanner
Customer Service and Support
Self-Service Support, Complaint Management
Self-Service Support
Online forums and communities
Complaint Management
Customer satisfaction surveys
Reporting and Analytics
Performance Reports, Data Analysis
Performance Reports
Sales performance and results
Marketing return on investment and effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Data Analysis
Customer segmentation and audience analysis
Trend analysis and predictive models
Data visualization and dashboards
Workflow Automation
Task and Calendar Management, Process Automation
Task and Calendar Management
Task and Calendar Management
Calendar integration and scheduling
Content Calendar
Process Automation
Workflow design and automation
Automated actions and triggers (sequences)
Approval workflows and process streamlining
Automated Publisher
Integrations and Data Management
Email Integration, System Integrations & Addons, Customization
Email Integration
Email client synchronization
Email tracking and archiving
Email templates and personalization
System Integrations & Addons
Integration with other business systems
Data exchange and synchronization
API connectivity for custom integrations
Document Management
Customized properties
Labels, tags and categories
Team Management
Contact center
Contact Channels, CCC-Tooling
Contact Channels
(Contact) Forms
Whatsapp for Business
Digitalisation & Technology
Technology - Basics
Technology - Basics
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