Privacy at the center of everything

Our services are strongly based on data. It is crucial for us to keep that data clean in order to provide the most complete and appropriate advice possible. That is why we are strict on the implementation of our processes and procedures and on compliance with the strictest privacy standards.
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Our success depends on satisfied customers and the peace of mind of secure data.
That is why we are GDPR compliant and we do our utmost to keep your data safe.
Here is our 
privacy policy

Transparancy every step of the way.

Sharing any type of information can be risky, especially if you don't know why certain information is being requested. All of the information that we collect is used for a single purpose - to help you find the best software for your business. 
Not sure how we do that? We help us to better understand the why of our questions.  That is why all our questions contain a short explanation.

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We therefore offer independent and honest advice. In doing so, we bring balance to the market so that you can confidently select the optimal software solution, knowing that your success is our top priority.