Choosing a CRM: options and tips [+ objective comparison tool]

6 December 2023

Are you in the first steps of selecting a (new) CRM system? Or already in your research process of comparing different packages?

In both cases finding a good system can be a daunting quest. There are so many options available.

And how can you be sure to pick the right solution?

Luckily this article will make your quest way less daunting.

After reading this article you'll know what options are available to you. You will also get advice that will help you choose the best-fitting software

Contents of this article:

Find out everything you need to know about choosing the right CRM system on this page. Have fun reading and good luck! 

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10 possible CRM systems to choose from 

There are more CRM packages within the market than those listed. Our list will just give you a good first impression of the different CRM options you have! Use our CRM list and compare the systems that suit you.

Further in this article, you'll discover what the pluses and minuses are for each system. You will also see for whom the CRM package is suitable. In addition, you will see a first price indication.

Below is the list of 10 CRM systems: 

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Our pages for different companies looking for CRM

We are constantly making pages for all kind of companies looking for a CRM.

Up until now, we made these pages. These will help different companies find their perfect CRM:

Go to one of these pages and find your best software.

In-depth look into the 10 CRM solutions

Below you will get a fair and objective view of the different software packages. Read on to find out more about the 10 CRM solutions of the list above.


Alexion offers relationship management software for somewhat smaller entrepreneurs. These include start-ups, sole traders and SMEs as well as foundations and associations. 

  • Pros: there is a small personal organization behind the system, easy to use, good and fast support, affordable. 
  • Cons: outdated look, lack of advanced marketing and sales functionalities. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: companies looking for a simple and affordable CRM package. 
  • Price range: 10.50 to 16.50 per user per month. 

Below is a sneak peek into the customer card of Alexion's CRM. 

Want to buy a fairly basic CRM for your SME? Then Alexion might be a good pick for you!

Want to see more CRM examples? Then check them out on our page containing three comprehensive examples of CRM packages.

Dynamics 365 (Microsoft)

Microsoft offers CRM solutions for any organization that include all the features this type of software can offer. 

What especially stands out within Microsoft's CRM software is its focus on Artificial Intelligence. Below you can read more about the pluses and minuses of this solution: 

  • Positives: many AI functionalities that allow you to automate tasks, customizable and thus future-proof, comprehensive. 
  • Cons: Numerous packages to choose from, which makes it difficult to get an overview of the options. The advanced options are quite expensive. Microsoft Dynamics is not as user-friendly as a lot of other software. 
  • Suitable for: SMEs, salespeople. Marketers and service personnel. Suitable for any company size as well as company type. 
  • Price indication: minimum 18.70 to 93.60 per user per month. Price indication applies to SMEs.


Efficy was founded over 25 years ago. So this company has a long experience within this market. Efficy offers their customers a comprehensive CRM and marketing solution. 

Read more about Efficy's product below: 

  • Pros: affordable entry-level versions, good email marketing features, lots of features, flexible and customizable. 
  • Cons: In some cases, there are too many features and functions. This can cause confusion. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: for small companies with only 2 users, to "corporate" companies looking for a comprehensive CRM system. 
  • Price indication: 25 to 80 euros per user per month.


HubSpot is known for its friendly way of Marketing they adhere to. They even came up with an entire marketing philosophy called Inbound Marketing

  • Plus points: very user-friendly, extensive marketing features, good Marketing Automation, connection between your CMS and your CRM. Yes, you can even build your website in HubSpot! 
  • Cons: for the serious packages, you pay a lot of money monthly. 
  • Suitable for: 68% of HubSpot's customers are companies with less than 200 employees. This indicates that HubSpot's system is especially suitable for the somewhat smaller companies. 
  • Price indication: a free tool is available. The Professional and Enterprise packages will cost you between 792 and 3300 euros per month. 

The detailed information and prices of the packages can be found here

Below we give you an insight into HubSpot's e-mail tool. So this is also included in your package when you choose a HubSpot CRM package!


Odoo now has 2,800 employees and 12 million users. Odoo puts the usability of their products first. Read on to explore more about Odoo their CRM: 

  • Pros: easy to customize, user-friendly, clear by using eye-catching icons and colors, approachable. 
  • Cons: customizations can become complex, depend on outside consultants when making adjustments to your system. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: due to the customizability, the system can be used by many different types of companies. 
  • Price range: 19.90 to 29.90 per user per month for the paid versions. A free version of Odoo is also available.
Odoo CRM-kiezen

Retail Rocket 

Retail Rocket says it is fully committed to Artificial Intelligence. AI ensures that you send personalized recommendations and emails with this system. This company's specialty lies in CRM solutions for e-commerce parties. 

  • Plus points: AI functionalities that let you automate tasks, knowledge of the retail market, and insight into your best customers which increases your chances of retaining them. 
  • Cons: no insight into prices, the user-friendliness of the dashboard. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: as the name suggests, this CRM package is aimed at retailers. 
  • Price indication: prices can be obtained via this link.


SalesManager is an organization from Ireland with an office in the Netherlands as well. The company has performed 1000+ successful implementations over the past 25 years. This says something about the experience within this company! 

  • Pros: available in combination with Salesmanager's ERP system, good marketing functionalities, flexible and modular. 
  • Cons: many CRM modules. This can make SalesManager's system complicated. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: both B2B and B2C companies. For companies from 5 users and up. Focus on wholesalers. 
  • Price indication: 40 euros per user per month. Available from a minimum of 5 users.


SuperOffice was created because they felt that CRM systems are often too complicated. In addition, honesty and friendliness are important core values of this company.

Find out more about SuperOffice's CRM below: 

  • Pluses: usability and accessibility are the big pluses. In fact, you can also access SuperOffice's system via a mobile App.
  • Cons: Can be difficult to change things yourself in the system. Not always 100% adapted to the Dutch market. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: medium-sized companies in various sectors such as financial services, recruitment, production, hospitality and more.
  • Price indication: between 52 and 64 euros per user per month. These prices apply to the Service and Sales package. Here you can find detailed explanations and prices for the SuperOffice packages.
Superoffice CRM kiezen


Webenable focuses on companies with a webshop. Webenable is an innovative company that offers only custom software. The marketing expertise of this company is a big plus for any customer! 

  • Plus points: features that make it easy to automate tasks, superfast websites that increase conversion rates. Close collaboration with Marketing Specialists. This helps you serve your customers and leads better. 
  • Downsides: focus on custom solutions. This makes the CRM solution less entry-level than other vendors' software. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: e-commerce is Webenable's specialty. 
  • Price Indication: Webenable offers customized software. This makes a price indication difficult. Contact Webenable via this link and ask your question.


Zoho is a company from India. Zoho is available in 150+ countries and is used by more than 100 million people. This company claims to stay away from Silicon Valley trends. As a result, Zoho has a unique vision and way of working. Reliability and data protection are paramount with this company. 

  • Pluses: fully personalized user interface, all customer communications in one view, easily accessible via the App, quick implementation (so you can get started quickly). 
  • Cons: many people report that support leaves something to be desired. 
  • Who is this CRM system suitable for: for all types of companies, even Fortune 500 companies use Zoho's CRM. 
  • Price range: 14 to 52 euros per user per month.

How do you choose a good CRM system? 

ERP voordelen nadelen

Use these 4 tips and find a suitable CRM package:

  • Test your CRM software
  • Involve key stakeholders in your selection process
  • Check the functionalities within your package of choice carefully 
  • Don't make it too complex.

The tips above are based on years of experience within this market. Hence, in our opinion, the tips are unique and full of expertise. Hopefully you share this opinion!

You find extra elaboration for each of the tips below:  

Tip 1. Test your CRM software! 

Do you find it difficult to get an honest picture of the different options? We understand this very well. 

After all, it is difficult to assess how good (or bad) the different systems are. Believing what the manufacturer tells you about the CRM system is often not a good idea. Have you ever heard a vendor tell you how bad his or her product is? 

Ultimately, you want to judge the quality of a CRM for yourself. Buying a car without a test drive neither seems like a good idea to anyone. So why choose a CRM without trying it out?

Hence our first tip

Request a demo or free version of the software and find out for yourself how good you think the system is.

Tip 2. Involve key stakeholders in your selection process

Want to choose a good CRM package that resonates with everyone? Then make sure you involve multiple stakeholders in the selection process. 

As you may experience, the needs of Marketing, Sales, and management are different. 

For example, a director would like to see nice reports. Think of reports that include pipeline and sales forecasts. But are these advanced reports also important for the users of the system? 

For end users (think salespeople) it is essential that working within the system is simple. Salespeople would like to create and update contacts easily. This is something that does not concern management or the marketing department. As you can see, the needs and requirements vary by department.

Hence our advice:

Involve all stakeholders and multiple departments in CRM selection process. That way, you will ensure that everyone in your organization is happy with your new software.

Tip 3. Check the functionalities within your package of choice carefully 

We often hear that people choose a CRM package with which they are initially very satisfied. Then they find out that they miss the necessary functionalities. Very annoying of course! 

Do you find that necessary functions are missing? Then you often have no choice but to upgrade to a more expensive package. You want to avoid this at all costs.

So to sum up:

Look carefully at what features are in your CRM package. Check several times exactly which functions the software has.

Tip 4. Don't make it too complex

Avoid selecting a CRM package that is too difficult. CRM software can become very complex. 

Therefore, make sure you pick an easy-to-use CRM system. It is important that the people within your organization, in the right way, use the system. 

An example of an overly complex system: 

In some Customer Relationship Management systems, a salesperson must fill out many fields when they create a new contact. This mountain of input, causes the salesperson to just fill in something. Or, on the contrary, fill in nothing at all. This results in wrong data.

Our tip:

Choose a CRM package that is easy to use for all stakeholders. Above all, look at the amount of manual entry work done by your sales department.

Choose the CRM that fits your organization best

Perhaps our most important advice: choose a CRM system that suits you. 

After all, there is no such thing as the best CRM system. Every situation is different and therefore requires a different CRM package. 

As you could read, all CRM systems have different options and specialties. Proper research into what you need as a company is essential to arrive at the right CRM system. Hopefully this article already helps you get started. 

Want to speed up the selection process? And receive a list of matching CRM packages based on your needs and business criteria? Then fill out our comparison tool and find out! 

Select your perfect CRM system
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