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In short

Our platform matches leads with partners based on  their needs. 
Partners create their own profile, lead will get to see the profile when its a close match, finnaly the lead decides who to contact.

No more cold leads with better matches!
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About our platform

Connect your expertise with the perfect lead offers everything your business needs to reach a wider audience. Discover a fully optimized lead generation platform that delivers warm leads readily available at your doorstep.
A lead completes the form on our platform, they then can choose between 1 and 5 anonymous partners based on their choices. The partner receives a message with the details which the partner and lead can accept or decline.

No more cold leads, ever

There's nothing better than receiving warm leads that are already familiar with your brand, product and show an initial interest. 

Every lead takes on an in-depth screening process on our platform. A shortlist of best suitable partners will be delivered, after which the lead chooses who to speak to. 

Showcase your products

Your profile is your business card to your potential customers. You can customise your profile to your liking, making sure each lead knows exactly where your expertise lies. Changes can be made to the:
 • Software services
 • Countries
 • General profile information
 • Account users

Personal onboarding

You will receive a personalised onboarding by one of our Software Vendor Specialists. Together we will set up all your products. This way you can get started as soon as possible. 

Once the onboarding is complete, you can make quick and easy changes to your profile.

Referral Program

Do you know a company who needs new business opportunities and will benefit from our partner program? Don't hesitate and let us know down below. Our team will  contact them as soon as possible.
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Roadmap (Future Features)

Personal Reviews

Your converted leads will be able to leave reviews. Deliver the best services and make sure potential leads can read first-hand experiences of your amazing solutions.

Built-in Planner

Have all the necessary information in 1 place and schedule appoitnments with potential leads directly through our platform. Quick, easy and efficient.            

Partner Authorisations

Easily control access of new and existing users, as well as account authorisations. Make sure  every lead is delivered to the optimal user within your business.

Your Input Matters

We continuously try to evolve and expand our platform. Are there any features you would like to see? Let us know and we will try to implement it in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The questions are based on the BANT method(see below) and are based on the answers they give while filling in the form.
The questions range from the general industry to the exact need that the lead has. A lead can also rank the need from required, preferred to not required.

Questions vary depending on the need for CRM or ERP and the industry the lead is in.

The BANT method is our way of qualifying any potential leads. This way we are able to gather the most important information needed for our partners. The BANT method qualifies potential leaads based on:

• Budget: What are the financial resources the customer is working with?
• Authority: What is the decision-making power of the contact?
• Need: What is the potential lead looking for in a software solution?
• Timing: What are the deadlines for the implementation of the software?

Once you receive a lead, all this information will be readily available for you. 

A lead chooses between a maximum of 1 to 5 partners to speak to. 

Each potential lead interested in software solutions goes through an in-depth screening process. Based on this information, a match with the best suitable partners is made by our algorithm.

The potential lead then chooses who to speak to, after which they are able to contact your sales contact directly. 

Ready to get started?

We therefore offer independent and honest advice. In doing so, we bring balance to the market so that you can confidently select the optimal software solution, knowing that your success is our top priority.