CRM voor kleine bedrijven

CRM for small businesses: best systems, costs + tips

12 June 2024

Are you looking for a suitable CRM system for your small business? 

This search is often overwhelming. Hundreds, if not thousands, of options come your way. But don't worry, we're here to help! 

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know to choose a suitable CRM system for your small company.

You will also see which 5 CRM systems we recommend to small business owners.

We understand that you don't want to spend a fortune. Fortunately, affordable CRM systems fit within a budget of several hundred/thousands of dollars annually.

Read on and find out how to find an appropriate CRM package for your small organization.

Table of Contents

  1. List of CRM systems specifically for small organizations
  2. Is a CRM package necessary for small businesses?
  3. What CRM functionalities are important for small businesses?
  4. What are the benefits of CRM for your small organization?
  5. Here's how to choose a CRM package for your small business [2 tips]
  6. On average, this is what you pay for CRM software as a small business owner. 

* We are a 100% independent comparison platform for CRM systems. We provide objective advice unlike others, such as specific software providers. Our goal is to help you find the perfect CRM package. Whichever package you choose, we will help you make the right choice! 

List of 5 CRM systems for somewhat smaller companies

In our opinion, the “best” CRM system for small businesses does NOT exist.

It's all about choosing the best software for YOUR ORGANIZATION. 

However, we are happy to give you a list of 5 systems perfect for small businesses.

The systems in our list are relatively simple. They are also quite affordable. After all, we know that complexity and affordability are very important to small business owners. part

5 CRM systems for small businesses

These are 5 CRM systems that are perfect for small businesses:

  • Zoho CRM (affordable + free version that will last you quite some time)
  • SuperOffice (good package to optimize your entire customer journey with)
  • Alexion CRM (best affordable package in the CRM market)
  • HubSpot (pricier, but very user-friendly)
  • Toeneo (customer-centric organisation, with only three dedicated employees). 

Want to see more systems? That are likely a good fit for your small organization?

We've created some articles that are going to help you. Below are our pages with CRM systems for: SMBs, sales departments and associations. Also, below you'll see a page that looks at 6 simple CRM systems. 

Klanten en contacten Sales CRM

Is CRM software necessary for your small business?

We definitely recommend that you purchase CRM software. Especially for small businesses, a CRM system is valuable and almost always worth the price tag.

A Customer Relationship Management system helps you with what is essential for ANY business, namely:

Managing customers and contacts.

Keeping track of contacts is essential, especially for small businesses. Building close relationships is also very important. 

In these situations, you need a CRM system

  • Your company is growing and is becoming more complex each day
  • Administrative work costs too much time
  • Leads aren't followed up adequately
  • Many errors are made when adding customer data
  • Customer complaints pile up
  • You want to send a newsletter, but have no idea to whom
  • You feel like you're not making the most out of your contact information.

Are there alternatives to CRM packages?

There are certainly alternatives to CRM software. For example, you can choose to keep track of your contacts and customers in Excel. Did you know that according to research 36% of companies still use Excel instead of CRM software?

Unfortunately, working in Excel is error-prone. Also, this program does not give you a 360-degree view of your customers. This makes it a fairly simple tool, with no advanced features. 

Your Excel CRM data will probably resemble the example in the image below. As you will see later on, a CRM system offers way more insights and advanced capabilities.

A CRM system, on the other hand, gives you a complete picture of your contacts and customers. This allows you to bring in more new customers and better serve current ones. 

Below, let's zoom in on how, with the help of CRM software, you bring in more customers and serve them better. 

2 simple CRM features that are extra important for small businesses

Here are some features of CRM systems that, for somewhat smaller organizations, are essential:

Contact management (overview of who your contacts are + insight into communication history)

Contact management is the foundation for every organization, including small businesses. 

Your customers and contacts are your most valuable asset. So it's a good idea to handle this data securely, at least it seems to us. 

You want to have your customers and contacts in one central place. This gives your entire organization an overview and real-time access to the same up-to-date data. From this overview you can easily click through to additional detailed information per contact. 

Below is an example from our own CRM system. This shows you how to manage your contacts within this type of software. Quite an improvement over Excel, isn't it!

Do you choose to click through to one of your contacts? Then your CRM system will give you the following overview:

As you can see above, our CRM software gives us insight into recent contact moments per customer/potential customer. 

With this insight, you learn to better respond to what your contacts want. After all, you know exactly what conversations have taken place. 

Pipeline management (overview allowing you to bring in more new customers)

Most CRM software helps you bring in new customers. But how does a CRM system help you generate new business?

CRM software helps you by giving you an up-to-date and clear insight into your sales cycle (from lead to deal won). We also call this “Pipeline Management.” 

Below is an example of what pipeline management looks like in our own CRM system:

What are the benefits of CRM software for your small organization?

CRM systems give your small business a huge boost.

CRM-software helps you centralize all customer data and automate processes. You will also work more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. 

These benefits ultimately lead to the most important benefit: more customers, happier customers, more sales and more profits! 

The 3 biggest benefits, of CRM-systems for small companies, at a glance:

  1. Stronger customer relationships: Get to know your customers better. Offer personalized service and create loyal fans.
  2. Increased efficiency: Automate tasks, save time and focus on what matters. Namely, your customers.
  3. The ultimate goal: Increase sales: Create more targeted marketing campaigns, close more deals (by understanding your pipeline) and ultimately achieve more profit.

How do you choose a CRM package for your small business?

Below are two tips. Our tips will help you pick an appropriate CRM package for your small business.

Use our tips and avoid choosing a less-than-optimal CRM system!

Tip 1. Don't just pick the best-known name

We advise you to look beyond just the well-known vendors.

Curious about some lesser-known CRM providers? You'll discover it on our page with 10 examples of CRM systems.

In our opinion, choosing a CRM package is very subjective. For every organization, a different package may be the “best.” 

What we often see is that people simply choose one of the most popular packages. 

“Such a big name/company, that must be a good package for us!”

But is that really so smart? The fact that many of your fellow entrepreneurs use Salesforce or Microsoft doesn't say much. 

Find out which package meets your specific needs and requirements. Map out what you, with your small business, need when it comes to CRM software.

Want to find out which package suits your situation? Then fill out our CRM comparison tool. Fill in a few questions about your situation and requirements, and within 5 minutes see which vendors fit your issue! 

Tip 2. Do NOT let budget be your only consideration

Our advice is this: look beyond just the price tag of your new CRM system. 

We understand that budget, especially for small business owners, is very important. Most likely, your budget is limited and you are looking for a relatively inexpensive CRM solution.

Of course, that's fine! Still, we advise you not to focus too much on price.

You want to avoid making a less than optimal choice. Therefore, also look at what a CRM system gives you.

Ultimately, of course, it's about the return you get from your initial investment. The better your CRM package performs, the better your return! 

Do you make the right CRM choice? Then you will not be disappointed! A well-functioning system will help you cut costs and increase your sales. 

Want more tips on how to choose the right CRM system? You can find it on our extensive page with four CRM package selection tips.  

How much does a CRM system for smaller organizations cost on average?

A simple CRM system will cost you a minimum of 10 euros per user per month. 

10 euros per user per month is the bare minimum you pay.

Do you opt for an advanced system? Then you'll quickly pay about 300 euros per user per month.

So the costs are difficult to estimate. Nevertheless, we are happy to help you make the best possible estimate of the price tag. After all, we know how important this is for smaller organizations! 

Use our free CRM System Cost Calculator. 

How does this calculator work? First, enter your revenue and then choose the sophistication of your system. In the end, our calculator calculates how much licensing and implementation fees you'll pay. 

Find a suitable CRM package for your small organization

Do you already have an idea which CRM system suits your organization, of modest size? Or do you still need additional help? 

Do you need additional help with your choice? Then use our CRM comparison tool. Find out within 5 minutes which vendor suits your situation. 

Find a CRM system for your small company

With us, you can count on that:

  • You get an objective assessment of systems and implementation partners.
  • You will always find a suitable system, with more than 100 partners on our platform.
  • You will never be approached unsolicited. You decide whether you get in touch with a supplier.
  • You save hours of research, so you get a jump start on your search.

Start your search now and find out which CRM system best suits your small business.

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