Business processes, information systems, administrations and reports are often unnecessarily complex. We understand this, but do not accept it. That is why we help companies simplify and clarify their business systems. That way, users can enjoy working with it.

Our journey through the world of Exact started in 2001 with two men and zero customers. The reason: what we had been doing for years for an employer, we thought we could do better as self-employed people. It's about seeing opportunities and making something of them. We soon built the zero clients into several valuable collaborations.

‘The entrepreneurial spirit was always there. It could have just led to our own poffertjes stall. But it became Exact.’ - Mark Malipaard (director & consultant GCS)

Growth through automation

We believe in growth through automation. Doing things faster and - if necessary - with fewer people. Helping the customer make huge efficiency gains; that's what makes us happy at GCS. We think it is important to connect the customer with the right people. No changing of the guard, but always a familiar face. Our ultimate goal? That every user on the shop floor is happy, from manager to project employee.

‘You have to pay attention to people.’ - Paul Bart Veenboer (consultant & partner GCS)

Unsolicited advice

Working with GCS is working with a passionate team of Exact specialists. We like open and honest communication and this is reflected in our advice. After all, we don't just give these when asked. We look beyond the question on the table and give our unsolicited advice just as well. Because there are things the customer might not have thought of and because, thanks to our extensive experience, we know where there is room for improvement.

Coming in small, growing together

To achieve the best result together, we always focus on an ongoing collaboration. We come in small and grow together. By working together

we can offer guidance at every stage of the organisation. From start-up and growth to expansion. Together, we move with the trends in the market. In this way, GCS is an extension of the organisation.

‘We want to be a partner for our customers. In good times, but certainly also in bad times.’ - Rob Nietveld

Attention to people

In everything we do, attention to people is paramount. Not only with our customers, but also on our own shop floor. Attention to relaxation, attention to ownership and attention to development. We understand that nobody knows everything, ask for help and help each other. We treat each other as we treat our customers. Open and clear, striving for long-term cooperation.

Growth ambition

We are currently on the eve of several changes. Whereas founder Rob is going to wind down the business, Paul Bart has been an official partner since April 2024. And we won't stop there. Before the end of 2025, we hope to expand our team with at least four new employees as well as a new partner. Plenty of ambition for growth!

GCS is Exact partner for Exact Online (Premium), Exact Globe and Synergy


Ready to get started?

We therefore offer independent and honest advice. In doing so, we bring balance to the market so that you can confidently select the optimal software solution, knowing that your success is our top priority.