Radar360 makes the accountant's life easier!

We make our CRM application just for your industry. This allows you to do what you do best! One online environment where all functionalities such as customer management, VoIP, integrated DMS, time registration, budget monitoring and invoicing come together. Transparent and easy: from customer to invoice

About Radar360

Radar360's CRM solutions have been used by SME accountants for more than 25 years. For Radar, it is important to constantly review what is changing in the industry and how these changes can be translated into great solutions in the application. Based on the best-of-breed idea, we want to be able to offer a total solution, which we do by gathering various packages around Radar360.


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We therefore offer independent and honest advice. In doing so, we bring balance to the market so that you can confidently select the optimal software solution, knowing that your success is our top priority.