ERP cost calculator [License & implementation costs]

21 February 2024

* This calculator will only give you a rough estimate of the license and implementation costs of an ERP solution.

Do you want to know precisely how much an ERP, that has your desired functionalities, costs? Then you should fill in our free ERP-comparison tool.

ERP-kosten Calculator

Calculator ERP-kosten


The price indication you got is determined by these two factors:

  1. Your total revenue (this is a good estimate of the total cost you can carry and will make)
  2. The complexity of your new ERP system (this indicates what percentage of your revenue will be spend on both license and implementation costs)

Want to know how much the ERP, with your desired functionalities, costs?

Use our ERP-comparison tool and discover how much your new ERP will cost. The prices you will see after filling in our tool, are for systems that perfectly match your required functionalities.

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With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the enterprise software industry, I have seen firsthand how crucial it is for an organization to find the right software system for success. In this rapidly changing marketplace, a fair playing field is not always a given. My mission is to create a fair match between companies and vendors, putting the importance of appropriate and effective software first. Our independent selection tool is designed to fulfill this mission, with the goal of creating a future where everyone can effortlessly find the perfect software package, with a smile. Let's strive for that effortless future together.
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